Days of Golden Wealth

by Guilty Guitars

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released December 19, 2005

on Guilty Guitars Records

Written, arranged, performed & produced by Guilty Guitars.

Recorded & Mixed by Ronny Henseler at Alien Network, Hamburg.
Mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden, Hamburg.

'Monte Cervantes' Photograph by Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm Harzheim
© Finn Harzheim
Sleeve Design: guiltypix

Jan Basters - Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars
Stephan Basters - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Jörn Brucker - Drums & Percussion



all rights reserved


Guilty Guitars Hamburg, Germany

Guilty Guitars is an Indie-Rockband from Hamburg, featuring 2 brothers, 1 drummer and distorted guitars.

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Track Name: Breakaway

You know you should break the frame,
You long to be part of the game.
I just want to dissociate from your boundaries
And break away from what you call life.

And I don’t care about being alone,
This time I don’t regret
My sorrowful life.
You persuaded me
I was satisfied.
Oh no, oh no, oh no, no.

Sometimes you miss the colour in your life,
Although you’re certain that you’re young.
I wonder why everything seems so used up,
And no-one tells me what I’m doing wrong.

Because I care about being alone,
On my own. I regret
My sorrowful life.
I speak to myself,
I was quite alright.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Track Name: Portrait

He’s a lonely boy with no–one by his side
And his look is filled with arrogance and pride.
He can’t understand why men do hurt each other.
He’s no angry guy to kill his mother.

In his heart there is big wide emptyness.
In his eyes you find nothing but distress.
He has never been aware of all of his fears,
He just can’t cry out any tears.

He is homeless and he seems to have no roots.
Still he’s waiting for the starting shoot.
Like a stranger, stumbling through time,
He wonders if this world is just a single crime.

He lives in his dreams and thoughts so confused,
And his harden soul feels abused.
He doesn’t know how to tell what’s in his head.
He’s not sure if he lives or if he’s dead.

He’s a boy who just has no–one to lean on.
He is not the only one.
Has it always been like this, or when did this start?
That ache in our hearts
Track Name: Broken Angel

Broken angel, kiss me twice,
Show me the way to the lost paradise.

Your sweet breath confuses my brain,
I am swaying between pleasure and pain.

Sometimes your kisses feel like a crash,
‘Cause your lips are cold as stone.
I feel the time mash my flesh
And I always feel alone.

Broken angel, make me smile,
I got lost in this world for a while.

You can’t set my heart on fire,
But you’ve awakened an insatiable desire.
Track Name: Twice

Once again I tried my best.
Once again I lost myself.

In you
I drowned my heart,
In you
I fell apart,
In you.

I want you back again,
I want you back.

I’m losing you again.
Track Name: Everywhere

Trying to touch tomorrow
Stumbling through time

Feeding the machine
Like a freak–out at dawn

Catching up the distance
Like a dream of a child

Be a hero for one day
Don’t forget to seize the day

Roses twirling backwards
Turn into blue
Like shadows in the dust
Picture you
Track Name: Unkind

You know I can’t read your thoughts.
Why don’t you say what’s going on with you?
I see you smile, I see you cry.
I wonder if we can carry on
Like this?

You don’t know anymore,
Somehow you can’t recall
Why you feel thrown back and left behind.
It’s so unkind.

It’s tiring me to see you down.
I know you suffer while my hands are tied.
You’ve locked your secrets up forever.
I feel we can not carry on
Like this.
Track Name: Anything is on the Road

Sometimes it works like it used to, somehow.
I recapture you inside my dreams.
Screaming pictures bundle my mind, body and soul.
Apocalyptic party, crazy, rien ne va plus.

It is always cold outside,
Don’t switch off your mind.
Forever being blind.

Everything has put you down,

Imploding illness will follow forever.
A wandering spirit has stolen your bones.
The less you get, the more you die.
Dust creates flesh and nothing will rest.

We are floating sculptures
With a short lifespan,
Dazzled in the night.

Anything is on the road,
Track Name: Paralyzed

Anyway somehow
Time has broken down

Here it comes again...
All these echoes in my head
I don’t want to leave
The place where I am now

There is nowhere
Nowhere I could go
To leave
My mind

I don’t want to lick my wounds anymore
Sometimes I wish I could close my face
Like I can close my eyes

Here we are again...
Standing lonesome all together
I’ve been drifting fast
On the edge of time

There is no–one
No–one I could know
To see
What we
Could be
Track Name: Still Timeless

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.
I took the starring role
As the background stranger,
Your eyes reflected the sun.

Be careful when you reach your aim,
You might lose control,
You might fail the sense.
You’ve already lost it.

Dragging me down,
Your camera has made me love you.
But you can’t even remember
The day that was timeless.
Track Name: Trail On

Into the distance your thoughts go out,
But it’s yourself you think about.
You’re searching for your secrets,
But the fragments of your memory
...they have all faded away.

When you’re outside you won’t get in,
And when you’re all alone you will never win.

Trail on away,
How far,
How near,
Don’t stop and stay.
No warmth
Exists in here.

Those days of golden wealth left nothing.
It makes you fall down on your knees,
Who will pull you up?
Filled with homesickness you’re smiling inside,
'Cause there ain’t no regrets left to ignore.