In Need of Now

by Guilty Guitars

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released October 30, 2008

on Guilty Guitars Records

Produced by Guilty Guitars.
Music composed by Guilty Guitars, except
"Been Around" & "Minor Drugs" & "Memory" by Jan Basters.
Lyrics written by Jan & Stephan Basters.
Arranged & performed by Guilty Guitars.
Recorded by Ronny Henseler at Alien Network, Hamburg.
Vocals recorded by Dirk Simmig at 0dB, Hamburg.
Mixed & Mastered by Oliver Heuer at Sonic, Kerpen.

Painting "Abstrakt Schwarzweiss vor Rot Nr. 2" by Tristan
Sleeve Design: guiltypix

Jan Basters - Vocals & Guitars
Stephan Basters - Bass
Jörn Brucker - Drums



all rights reserved


Guilty Guitars Hamburg, Germany

Guilty Guitars is an Indie-Rockband from Hamburg, featuring 2 brothers, 1 drummer and distorted guitars.

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Track Name: In Need of Now

Living while waiting for another day to come
Might not be so easy I think

People do it all the time someone said to me
Yes indeed I found this to be true

Tonight we're here to have some beer
Pass some time
And be today and know the way of our lives

Thinking of the places they will never see
They return to daily routine

People worry all the time someone said to me
Yes indeed I found this to be true

You can find me in this song I sing to you
And I find myself in need of now
Track Name: Forever Me

I've become so lonely
If only I knew
Something to do
Watch out now
You think you know better
Maybe you're right
Maybe you're wrong
I know that life can be quite boring
Someone get me out
Take me away
Show me that place
Where I've been dancing
All through the night
Smiling inside I felt alright

Hungry now
Forever me
Deep in here with only me
Hungry now
Forever me
Deep in love with only me
Track Name: Any Other Day

I survived a day today again
Nothing seemed real to me

I slid out of a dream last night
Running down the street alone

Floating backwards to the other night
I had you on my mind

I have seen the writings on the wall
Now the wall is torn down

Any other day you could succeed
Any other day you'd knock me out
Any other day I'd sell my soul
Any other day except today
I'm satisfied
You can't touch me
I am bulletproof
I'm on top looking down
Track Name: Been Around

I've been around for days
I've turned around in many ways
You pick me up
And nearly make my day
But on the way
I lose your sight
I lose myself and
I awake alone
Track Name: Again

I will tell you how it all began
Once I was a boy now I'm a man
Now it's time to be concerned
And get a steady job and all that stuff
Real rough

I never thought about these things

When I was a kid all things were tall
Now that I have grown I still feel small
I am here for no reason
I could as well be someone else instead
Or dead

But now I am here and guess what
Sometimes my age hurts a lot
I disagree with time and I decide to grow young

I had never thought of a career
I prefer the good times and a beer
All the girls I used to know have grown as well
And want to have a child
Real wild

And now I am here and guess what
Sometimes my age hurts a lot
I disagree with time and I decide to grow young
Track Name: Locked

You are sitting behind locked doors just waiting
Waiting for someone to come but there
There never somebody will come to soften your pain
Your dreams are running wild like shadows in the night

You are sitting inside locked rooms just hoping
Hoping for something to ease your mind
Who should be the one to share this room of doubts with you
And what do you think he could do

All the words you said have gone somewhere
While you sit beside yourself
Everything around keeps on moving
As you lose yourself in time
Track Name: Recall

I grow old and you stay young
That ain't fair but I don't care

I will rise and I will fall
I can't change a thing at all

I was always there for you
Why would you never be true

You took my money took my soul
You said "Baby it's just Rock and Roll"

Do you remember anything at all
Do you remember how you let me fall

I was yours and I was fine
But you never have been mine

Passing glory passing grief
I am left in disbelief

You always find the words you need
To conceal your pain and greed

You looked cute and you were kind
You said I was always on your mind

Do you remember any of this at all
Do you remember how you let me fall
Do you still think it was me who was wrong
Do you deserve to be in this song

I grow young and you stay old
That ain't fair but I don't care no more
Track Name: Minor Drugs

I was caught by the fuzz
I thought of how this all might fit in
I never meant anything to be real in the end
I drank too much
I got in touch with some minor drugs
I have been out just for some days
I had no choice but to find you
Track Name: Thin Ice

Close your eyes
All the stars
Will shine on
Purple skies
Back behind
Touch the crimson

Trample down my shadow
Let's walk on thin ice
Let us break through and let's learn
How to swim in this

Dreams may live
But my heart
Can't pulsate
Like yours does
Velvet tears
Waste my years
Track Name: Memory

Have you found someone to care for and to share your bed
I guess you found someone to share you time but not your life instead
You gotta admit you've always been hunting for eternal love
Except that love isn't hunted for I think you should have known before

Full of memories full of time I'd sell my past for a buck and a dime

And now
I can see you walking acting talking dancing for your life
Your inside is out your heart is a hole and love is rinning out

Has it occurred to you that you might get what you give in the end
And this might not be as much as you thought for yourself to bend
You must agree that a tree needs water to grow green and to bloom
And so does love that it may last instead of turning grey and cold
Track Name: Long Ago

Long ago, far away
We were traveling hand in hand
Through this world
King and Queen we had been

Long ago, far away
We believed only we knew life
But sometimes
It had been life which knew us

You walked upon air through time
Shining golden for the two of us
Made no big deal about us hunting down stars

Long ago, far away
We had failed to arrive at home
We got lost on the way

You walked upon air through time
Shining golden for the two of us
These days I wonder how I lost you
Long ago

In the end it did not matter how hard we tried
Track Name: Before

I've been down
I've been down before
Down for love

People talk the same
Do the talking game
And I recall

I heard you say this before
We should be friends or more
Oh why
I heard you say this before
Now we are friends and more
Oh my

She said yes
And she made it clear
Now we're here
To be

In her eyes
I can see the sun
She's the one
And I recall

I have gone this way before
Could not go furthermore
Now I feel the love that's grown
No longer feel alone
Oh I