Walk by your Side

by Guilty Guitars

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released November 27, 2006

on Guilty Guitars Records

Written, arranged, performed & produced by Guilty Guitars.

Recorded by Guilty Guitars at The Bloody Rehearsal Room, St. Pauli.
"Whatever" & "Not Sure" recorded by Thomas Rademacher
at Billepalast, Hamburg.
Mixed by Ronny Henseler at Alien Network, Hamburg.
Mastered by Sven Micolajewicz at mobfish, Hamburg.

Cover Photo “19:30:16” © by Burkhard Schittny
from the series “Video”
Sleeve Design: guiltypix

Jan Basters - Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars
Stephan Basters - Bass, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal on "Not Sure"
Jörn Brucker - Drums & Percussion



all rights reserved


Guilty Guitars Hamburg, Germany

Guilty Guitars is an Indie-Rockband from Hamburg, featuring 2 brothers, 1 drummer and distorted guitars.

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Track Name: Believe

When I look around I find myself
In everyone
On the other hand no–one appears
To feel the way I do

From inside I keep on looking out
What’s going on
All those people running crazy
For whatever I don’t know

I believe nothing is real
Do you believe in what you feel?
Track Name: Don't Take Part

My time is right my time is now
My world feels good to me somehow
I’ll get it straight I’ll be okay
I’ll find my way I’ll do it my way

Can’t live with drugs can’t live without
I just don’t care what this is all about
Don’t want to know don’t want to see
The only one I know is me

I really don’t take part in all that game
Track Name: Whatever

Sing your song or take a break
Kill your doubts for your own sake
This is now this is your hell
Call it heaven do it well

Whatever you may say
It all was said before
Whatever you may do
It all was done before

Bring your voice into rage
Fight enemies or stay in the cage
Then it’s gone then you pay
Blow it up or stay away

Whatever you may think
It all was thought before
Whatever you may dream
It all was dreamed before
Track Name: Not Sure

If I had one wish for free
Would I know what it should be ?
Oh, I’m not sure

If I knew about my fate
Would I move on or hesitate ?
Oh, I’m not sure

If I knew the day I die
Would I stop to hate and lie ?
Oh, I’m not sure

If I had one million bucks
Would I be living in peace and luck ?
Oh, I’m not sure

Leave me or love or leave me or love me
I can’t make it happen what I am still looking for

If I could look inside my soul
Would I see a big black hole ?
And the picture that my mirror shows
Is it really me ?
Who else could it be ?
Track Name: The Way Out

Every day the same old scene
Asking questions 'bout nothing

Broken pieces all around
You have found your way out

Can you see me
Over here
As I'm trying to walk by your side

Find myself within a fight
And the worst becomes real

All your faith and trust in love
Panic is what you feel

Have you seen the light
Shining bright
The spot that follows where you go

See the light fade out
As you are walking the way out
Track Name: Beware

Beware, my friend, beware
Beware of all those fools
Because they rule the world and they will try
To make you one of them

Beware, my friend, beware
Beware of too much pride
Because the world keeps turning on and on
No matter who you are

Beware, my friend, beware
Beware of hiding yourself
Because the day will come when you will see
That you are one with all

Beware, my friend, beware
Beware of losing time
Because tonight we part and no–one knows
If we will meet again

Beware, my friend, beware